For shipping parcels and documents via dispatch and handling system of ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS, the shipper agrees to the terms and clauses mentioned in this form unconditionally. No agent, representative or employee of ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS, (hereinafter the Company), nor the consignor has the right to modify or remove the terms and clauses mentioned or some of them. The transport of documents and parcels from ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS processing system is regulated by the terms and clauses mentioned herein. The shipper has explicit knowledge of these terms and accepts them unreservedly.

The Company does not assume the transport and handling of the items with the following content:

Explosives, flammable materials, radioactive materials, corrosive substances, compressed gases, narcotics, poisons, antiquities, works of art, perishable food, dead animals, plants and objects generally, by their nature or because of their packaging there is a risk of self-destruction or destruction of other objects or objects that IATA does not accept handling and transporting. It also does not undertake the transport and handling of currency and cash in exchange for occasional customers. In order to prevent the delivery of the aforementioned items, the Company is entitled, but not required, to check the item it undertakes to perform, even to open it. If the sender refuses the inspection of the object to be shipped, the Company is entitled not to accept the delivery. When the sender for any reason delivers to dispatch such items, if the Company ascertains their existence, it has the right to manage them at its discretion, including the immediate interruption of transport, denying any further liability, and the fees are not refunded. The sender is always the only person responsible for damages that may be caused to persons or other objects by a false declaration of the content.

The courier coupon is non-negotiable. It’s completed by the shipper or by ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS on his behalf. The shipper declares and accepts that he is the owner or the representative of the owner or holder of the goods transferred as described in the form. The shipper declares that he / she knows and accepts the transportation terms of ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS system.

ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS has the right (in accordance with the limits of the INDEPENDENT PUBLIC REVENUE AUTHORITY) to check the contents of the package or file that it has undertaken but not the obligation to do so. If the Company considers that an object is dangerous for the public safety and health, it has the right to refuse to take up and carry on the mission and inform the competent authorities accordingly. ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS does not ship the following items and documents: Money, Currency, Gold, Precious Metals and Stones, Antiquities, Works of Art, Lotteries, Stocks, Bonds, Vulnerable Foods, Personal Mail and General Items whose movement is prohibited or limited by applicable law and by international conventions. In addition, ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS does not accept for handling objects that are not properly packaged, as well as objects whose shipper refuses to declare sufficient data or the recipient’s information requested by ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS. At the time of the receipt, and any time after the receipt, ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS is entitled to refrain from carrying out the shipment if there are indications of prohibited content or inadequate consignment details and if no customs’ declaration has been made when the consignment required by the applicable customs’ regulations.

ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS makes every reasonable effort and takes all the necessary action for the rapid delivery according to ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS’s regular delivery schedules. In no event ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS shall be liable for any delay in the receipt, transport or delivery of any shipment, or for any loss, damage, positive or consequential damages or loss of profit, improper delivery or non-delivery due to unforeseeable causes or force majeure, a) due to unforeseeable events, in addition to the objective human potential (accidents of indefinite liability, bad weather, delay of transport, strikes, war or general or partial recruitment etc.), b) due to an act of omission or incorrect instructions the consignor or the consignee or a third party having an interest in the consignment in question, c) because of the content of the consignment in which special damage, alteration or destruction may befall. In addition, it does not assume any responsibility for any positive or consequential damage or loss of profit due to delay or failure to deliver or damage or destruction of the object, when the species is not declared by the shipper, the substance and the value of the postal item and these are not listed in the courier coupon or when the shipper has not issued and provided to the COMPANY with the statutory tax and other supporting documents as well as the cases specified in the Postal Code of Conduct.

ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS is entitled to withhold or not deliver any item it carries in order to secure the expense resulting from the shipment (freight bill, etc.) until it is paid off.

ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS carries out transportations with charge to the consignee. In the event of refusal by the recipient to pay the fee for any reason, the shipper must pay the fee to ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS.

ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS carries out shipping missions, pay to delivery missions and shipping generally also with non-written (telephone-electronics, etc.) orders. In these cases, the assignor has the rights and the obligations of the SELLER as a “shipper”. The shipper declares that he waives any additional claim against ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS for any positive or consequential loss or loss of earnings from any cause they may come, in any case he declares irrevocably that the debt from these causes is not to be sought after.

ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS shall not be liable for compensation for any dispatch and for any cause in the case that a party has not been redeemed financially and in time, in accordance with the terms of their agreement, including any insurance premiums. The Company may counterbalance any compensation that may be owed to the party with sums that are owed to the Company by him / her.

The Service User expressly states that he / she knows, understands and accepts the services’ charges under the Company’s Pricelist on the Company’s website at . He / she also states that he / she recognizes and accepts according to the pricelist that the charge for each shipment depends on its volume and weight. If the result of the shipping volume (LENGTH X HEIGHT X WAY in cm / 5,000) is larger than the weighing weight then he /she accepts that the charge is in accordance with the measuring of volume as it results in IATA regulations.

For each shipment through ZISIS TRANSPORT EXPRESS, the company has the right to demand any objects it deems to be escorted by the necessary legal documents for transport.

If the postal item could not be served to the address for any reason, the client is informed by written notice and a second or more attempts are made to arrange for delivery after consultation with the consignee or shipper. If the item cannot be definitively delivered to the recipient for any reason, even if the recipient denies to receive it, the consignor is informed immediately and the delivery is returned to him at his own expense, with reservation regarding any expenses made by the company from any damages. Post items that could not be delivered to the recipient or returned to the shipper are considered to be definitively undelivered and will be subject to a destruction process.